Dressing Rooms

Dressing Rooms

5 Stage Wing Dressing Rooms

Dressing Rooms 4 and 5 located in the SR Wing.

The Original

Below Stage Dressing Rooms

Still under some Renovation

New Back Stage Dressing Rooms

These are Nice

The Green Room

Not Really a Dressing Room. Not Included with Basic Rental. No Children under the age of 18 allowed. No Glitter allowed.

2nd Balcony Overflow Dressing Area

Located behind the Control Booth above the Balcony. A rugged place to take care of business.

Historic Stage Wing Dressing Rooms

Directly on Stage

There are Five Dressing Rooms located in the Stage Right and Left Wings. These rooms are 7' x 8' with 10' ceilings. Each room has a 6' x 3' mirror with overhead makeup lights.

Original Rooms Built Before Electricity

These original rooms predated the electrification of the Auditorium. Power outlets and Lights were added in the early 1920's. These rooms do not have sinks or running water.

Historic Original Under Stage Dressing Rooms

Access from Both Stage Wings

The Historic Original Under Stage Dressing Rooms occupy the entire space beneath the stage, and provides quick access from each of the stage wings. Also works well for quick, invisible stage cross overs. 

Large Open Main Room

Lots of room to spread out. Often location of productions seamstress and sewing machines. Unisex bathroom is located on the Stage Left side of the main room. There are 12 personal 4' mirrors and one large 4' x 6' vertical mirror. Total of 495 square feet of open space. While this room is available for use, it is also under renovation.

Large Open Auxiliary Room

Located under the Upstage Area, another large open space. Better lighting over the mirrors for make up application. This room contains 10 personal 4' mirrors and 2 large 3' x 8' Horizontal mirrors.  Total of 480 square feet of open space. While this room is available for use, it also is still under renovation.

New Back Stage Dressing Rooms

All New Construction

Instead of renovation, the older Dressing Rooms were demolished and a new addition was designed for Back Stage.

Bright and Open

There are Two Master Dressing Rooms with a long common makeup counter and lots of power outlets, and seating. Each Master Dressing Room has a bathroom. There is also an audio link to allow hearing what is happening on stage, if desired.

Six Private Rooms

Each Master Dressing Room also has three Private Dressing Rooms. Each Private Room is equipped with a makeup table, chair and lighted mirror.

The Green Room

Located Directly Backstage

Not intended to be a Dressing Room, the Green Room is a place for Performers to have a relaxing break before  going on stage or just after coming off stage. There is a full bathroom with shower, television and refrigerator.

Great for Quick Touchups

One side of the Green Room has a 12' Makeup Counter and Mirror equipped with 12 power outlets. The Makeup Counter has 5 pneumatic adjustable stools,

There are some Restrictions

Glitter is Stage Cancer.

Everywhere you look in the Auditorium, you will find Glitter. The one exception is the Green Room and you can help us keep it that way. Glitter is not allowed in the Green Room, even if it is on a costume. If you have sequins sewn onto your costume, please don't sit on the leather sofa. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the Green Room.

Second Balcony Overflow Room

In a Hidden Room, Far Far Away...

Very few visitors to Rome City Auditorium know this room even exists, or that the Auditorium once had a 2nd Balcony.

Doesn't Look Much Like a Dressing Room

Well, if you get dressed in it, that's what it is. Anyway, this room was used for several productions during the Backstage Dressing Room construction.  Mostly boys and extras. Clothes racks are brought in along with chairs.

Supervised Space

The door to the Technical and Show Control Booth is in this room. This is as close to the inner workings of the production as the stage space. Intercom linked to the Stage Manager.

Not for the Weak Hearted

Forty Six irregular steps to get up here from the Stage.  Not quite as many to go down to the Bathrooms in the Lobby.